Red Snapper - Catch the Trophy Sized Ones Today

Red Snapper can grow to be real dumbos, and by that I mean they can get pretty big, in fact it's not too uncommon to catch one that tops the scales at over 25 lbs cá chỉ vàng. Their color is pink to light red when they are young, and as they mature they turn a nice shade of red over most of their body area, while their lower area, such as the belly is a nice pale-white to bone-white in color.

Red Snapper have lots of little teeth, but these little teeth are very sharp and they can produce a nasty bite if an angler is careless when trying to remove a hook from their mouths. Their meat is very tasty, and is a favorite among numerous fishermen for it's excellent flavor, and they are a prized fish for many stores and restaurants.

Red Snapper can be caught pretty close to shores, but the ones that are generally caught in such shallow waters are the small, young ones. Large, adult Red Snappers, prefer living in deep water and staying near the bottom, in fact they are commonly found in water that is over 600 feet deep.

Not only do the larger Red Snapper like staying in deep water, they also prefer deep water that has a lot of cover, such as; large rocks, submerged debris, shipwrecks, bridge pilings, ledges and other such structures. Although Red Snappers that are adults can often be found by themselves, they prefer hanging around others, and often stay deeply submerged in schools.

When fishing for Red Snapper, be aware that they are real warriors, and when hooked they can go berserk like a caged fighter. They will run one way, then in a split second change direction and head towards the bottom, often they will seek to run to cover, or next to debris, which can cause your line to become entangled or even cut.

When bait fishing for Red Snapper, the most effective baits are live squid and octopus, followed by small bait fish that are natural to the area where the Red Snapper live, and even live clams cá chỉ vàng khô giá rẻ. They can also be caught using the same baits that are dead, and cut into strips and pieces, although they are not nearly as effective as the baits are when they are alive.

Remember you need to get the baits down to the bottom areas where the larger Red Snapper dwell, so use heavy jig heads, or even a sinker rig to deliver the baits to the desired depth.

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